We offer recreational projects abroad for students and primary and secondary schools. With locations in Murcia, Málaga and Winchester, we work with students from all over Spain, including a wide range of recreational summer courses for individual students as well as schools.

Our origin, as a family business, has marked our spirit and values throughout all these years, taking personal and close care of each student.

We personally know every family that works with us, so they know how to ensure that the student has a pleasant and fruitful experience, with the goal of having an immersion of the student in their daily family life.


Over 40 years organizing recreational courses in England, having worked with more than 2,500 Spanish students. We personally know every family that works with us, so they know how to ensure that the student has a pleasant and fruitful experience.


We are at all times accompanying and guiding the student both in Spain, before his trip, and during his recreational course in England, as several SGSS staff will travel with him and will be available at any time.


We are a family run business and therefore we apply our family spirit to the linguistic experiences we offer, even when dealing with our students. We have been students of our own courses before becoming part of SGSS.


We have chosen our headquarter thinking of the best environment to learn both the English language and the culture. We needed it to be a welcoming city and not a large one, so that while learning the language they can also enjoy the other England, the more historical and traditional one.

For that reasons our main headquarter is Winchester , one of the UK’s most iconic city, being the ancient and only city that, along with London, has been the capital of England, but which, unlike London, still maintains the British spirit in its medieval streets and a peaceful and quiet life with just over 45.000 inhabitants.


Located in the south of England, it is the current capital of the county of Hampshire and mixes history, tradition and customs, forming an ideal environment to learn and practice English.

It is a Roman city and former capital of England. It stands out for its historical buildings such as its Cathedral, City Hall or College, as well as for its attractions, such as the King Arthur’s round table (the mythical table of Camelot where legend assures that the magician Merlin had reserved a seat) or his walk along the Itchen river sidewalk.

Winchester College is one of the oldest colleges in England along with Eaton and Oxford.





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